Match Story: Little Sister Breeauna and Big Sister Tatum

Breeauna (Bree), 17, and Tatum were matched in September 2020. Together they enjoy thrift shopping, doing makeup tutorials together, creating art, listening to music, and petting animals. They also share a love of giving back to the community, and have been known to help distribute food to the homeless community with the Reno Burrito Project. 

Tatum says that her Little Sister teaches her about art, music, culture, strength, and overall how to be a more conscious, sympathetic, and better person. “Bree has taught me so much that I did not know before about life and myself,” Tatum says. “Bree is one of the most compassionate people I have ever met, and she makes me want to make a difference in this world.” 

When Bree was diagnosed with autism, she was grateful to have her Big Sister to help regain her self-confidence. “Tatum has helped me with unmasking and being more confident in myself, especially since finding out I was Autistic,” says Bree. “She understood and treated me no differently. I think self-confidence is very important to teens, especially other Autistic teens who don’t feel like they fit in [and] feel out of place socially, because eventually I think you will find people that truly accept you for who you are.” 

“To be true to yourself and not care what others think of you is almost like a superpower,” Tatum says. “You can stop worrying about what others think and spend that energy figuring out what makes you happy and how you can better your life, and others’. [Bree] is truly one of the strongest people I know, and so wise beyond her years. She makes me so proud to be her Big.” 

Bree does not take leadership lightly, and she strives to lead by example in being the best ally and activist she can be. “History is always watching you, so I think it’s extremely important to be on the right side of it,” says Bree. “You have a choice of what legacy you want to make and how to be the change you want to see in the world.” 

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