At Big Brothers Big Sisters we believe in defending potential. This holiday season, we’re asking you to help by making a financial gift to support the costs of some of our mentoring matches. Our matches cost $1,000 per year to administer. For $1,000 you can bring a child encouragement, confidence, consistency and trust. This is a way to give a gift that truly keeps on giving.

Below are some of our Littles’ stories. Please take a moment to read through them and consider making a gift of any amount in their name. Contact [email protected] for more information.


My name is Anna, and I'm 11. I was placed in a relative's care after experiencing neglect and abuse from my former guardian, who struggled with drug addiction. I need a Big Sister to help me experience consistency and learn how to establish trust. I'm hoping a mentor will be able to help me express myself more openly.


My name is Daniel and I'm in fifth grade. There's not a lot of consistency in my life, and I am constantly moving between my mom, my biological dad and my grandparents, who live in California. I don't get a lot of one-on-one attention except from my Big Brother. He helps me feel like I'm important in the middle of a lot of chaos at home.


My name is Stacey and I'm 13. I've had a lot of responsibility put on me at an early age as the eldest of three kids. Our parents have issues with drugs and aren't able to care for us, and we live with our grandparents instead. It's important to me to have a Big Sister who has dealt anxiety the way I'm dealing with it now, and can help me find healthy coping mechanisms. 


My name is Mike. I live with my mom, but I have an unpredictable relationship with my dad and never know when I’ll see him next.  I'm very sweet and helpful in class, but have trouble focusing. I have an IEP for ADHD and need a mentor to help me work on attention skills. I want to be successful in school so I can be a veterinarian and help animals when I grow up.


My name is Andrew and I'm 10. I live with my parents and siblings and have shown a lot of interest in the transgender community. My family doesn't have a lot of experience with this and I'd like to have a mentor who is familiar with the LGBTQ  culture to talk and relate to as I gets older.


My name is Olivia and I'm 9. I'm living with family friends right now as my parents are currently in an immigration detention center. I've had a tough time dealing with the absence of my mom and dad and have stopped focusing on school. I need a mentor who can be a positive role model and encourage me to keep my eye on my goals even in difficult situations.


My name is Joe and I’m 12. My mom has had a substance abuse problem but has been sober for a couple years. Although we were living in a women’s shelter until recently, we now have our own apartment.  My mom worries that I may gravitate toward substance use as I reach my teen years. I need a mentor to give me male guidance and keep me focused on success in my future.


My name is Crystal and I'm 10 years old. I live with my grandmother and brother.  My siblings and I were all born with methamphetamines in our systems, and we don't have strong relationships with our biological parents, who struggle with drug abuse. It's tough being the oldest and I'd like a mentor so I can see what it's like to be the Little Sister.


My name is Alexander and I’m 9 . I’m in a tough spot at school: Although I’m a D/F student and my grandma thinks I should repeat the year, I’ve also been bullied and my teachers feel holding me back might make it worse.  I need a Big who can show me the positives of education and help me learn how to deal with bullies. I would love to have a police officer as a Big.


I’m Lisa and I’m 14. I’ve always been a good student, but I am very shy and have a hard time getting to know people or putting myself out there. With my Big Sister’s encouragement, I’ve started to try new things – even belly dancing and marching in a Nevada Day parade! With her help I am gaining the confidence I need to realize my full potential. 


My name is Matthew and I’m in 10th grade. My family moved three times in the past two years due to my father’s mental health struggles, and I stayed with a family friend for several months so I could stay in school. My Big Brother has stuck with me the whole time. I want to grow up to be an engineer like him, and he helps me set educational goals so I know I’ll get there.


My name is Allen and I'm 13. I don't have a strong male role model, and I've experienced a lot of bullying at school. My Big Brother has shown me ways to deal with it, like talking to adults and reminding myself what I like about being me. In the last two years of our match, my self confidence has grown and I'm no longer being bullied.


My name is Anthony and I'm 14. My dad recently passed away, and I had to go through a major adjustment in my home life with my mom just as I was starting high school. My Big Sister has helped me accept what's happened with my dad, and shown me reasons and ways to stay positive.


My name is Amy and I’m 17. I spend a lot of time taking care of my younger siblings as my dad has passed away and my mom works full time. My grades started to slip a couple years ago. My Big helped me with home work and helped me find quiet spaces to work on projects to keep me on track for graduation. Now she helps me with college and scholarship applications.


My name is Ben, and I'm a very smart and well-spoken 6 year old. I've witnessed domestic violence recently in my home and I'm in need of a male role model to demonstrate healthy and positive behaviors that I can use as a guide as I grow up.


My name is Brian and I’m 8. I live with my two siblings and mother in a one-bed weekly motel room.  It’s not in a great neighborhood, so my sisters and I aren’t allowed to play outside much. I want a Big who will be able to take me to parks and other outdoor activities that I wouldn’t be able to experience otherwise since my mom works a lot of hours to support the family.


My name is Eddy and I'm 14. I've recently come out to my friends and family, and I didn't know anyone who had been through the same process. But my Big Brother's son dealt with similar issues at the same time. Now we're friends, and it's nice to be able to discuss our challenges with each other as fellow "insiders." We can both depend on the support of my Big.


My name is Isabella and I'm seven. My mom and dad struggle with their roles as parents and CPS has previously been involved with my family. My favorite thing about my Big Sister is that she always makes me feel safe and takes care of me. We love trying new things and going to new events in our community. 


My name is James and I'm 10. I live with my mom and experienced physical and emotional abuse from my dad's ex-girlfriend. I deal with ADHD and am not really invested in school. A lot of the time I don't finish my assignments. I would like a mentor who can play video games with me but can also improve my attitude toward school.


My name is Jasmin and I'm 14. I live with my single mom and younger siblings, and it can be hard to find time to focus on myself as I babysit my brother and sisters in the evenings. My Big Sister has helped me take time out to be a kid while keeping a focus on my education. We have a book club for just the two of us, and she helps me proof read my papers and homework.


My name is Cindy and I've had a hard time dealing with my father's mental illness. My brother is currently in the juvenile justice system and my mom was afraid I would end up going down that road as well. My Big has helped me focus on trying new things and staying positive as a way to deal with my stress.


I'm Nicholas and I'm 12. When my dad died, I moved from the Bay Area to Carson City to live with my aunt. I've dealt with a lot of changes in a short time. I'm bright but struggle to focus on school, because I'd much rather be talking than paying attention in class. I need a mentor who can encourage a positive outlook toward school.


My name is Hannah, and I'm 8. I live in a crowded home, and don't get a lot of one-on-one time with my parents. Over the past year, my Big Sister has been reading to me each week to help me get the practice I don't always get at home, and it's paid off in my school work. I used to say that college is a waste of time, but now I think it might be cool.


My name is Melissa and I'm 16. Education is not prioritized in my family as we're too busy making ends meet on a day-to-day basis as a single-parent home. Over the last few years, my Big has helped me see that with education comes opportunity. Now I'm planning to go to law school. I want to help others the way my Big has helped me.


My name is Rita and I'm thirteen. Like a lot of young women, I'm struggling with my self-esteem. I often feels lonely and sad, and I'm in need of a friend to build a strong bond with that will help me make the transition to high school.


My name is Max and I’m 13. I live with my single mom and our dogs. I’m close with my mom and grandmother, but they both have health issues and neither can take me out into the community much. I’m in need of a Big Brother who can give me one-on-one attention outside the home and help me build age-appropriate social skills.


I'm Natalia and I'm 10. My Big, a former teacher, saw I was behind in reading. She advocated for me to be tested. Now I've been assigned an IEP and receive the more specific help that I need to be successful. I've been in several different living situations including foster care, and without my Big's attention my academic issues would probably have been overlooked.


I'm Leo and I’m 9. My parents are in immigration detention centers. I’ve moved around a lot as a result, and have lived with cousins, an aunt, and now my grandmother. The way my Big Sister deals with changing schedules and home situations and still manages to see me regularly lets me know that I’m important to her, and that’s helped me build confidence. 


I'm Jeff and I'm 12. I came out to my family but I'm afraid to do the same with my friends or at school, because I don't want to make bullying worse. My parents are proud of me but worry that my struggle around coming out has hurt my self esteem. I need a mentor who will help me feel pride in myself and teach me coping mechanisms for bullies. 


My name is Lauren and I'm 14. I live with my mom in a rough neighborhood, and I've seen a lot of drug traffic and some violence around my home. I struggle with ADHD and dyslexia and need some help focusing on schoolwork. I'm hoping a Big Sister can help me think about what I want to do when I grow up and show me how to set goals to get there.


My name is Luis and I live with my mom, grandma and brothers. Since my parents split up, I have had trouble making friends and being confident in school. My Big Sister has helped me come out of my shell. Now I meet people's eyes when I speak, and I have a group of friends I hang out with regularly.


My name is Manuel and I've just started middle school, but I'm having a tough time with the transition. I've been skipping school and starting to hang out with a negative crowd. A role model who can show me the positives of focusing on school would really help me.