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Citizen Science is a great way to show your Little more about our local environment. Getting involved in Citizen Science projects is easy, fun, and can often be combined with other activities.

Audubon Christmas Bird Count
From Dec. 14-Jan. 5, citizens across the country count the birds they see and submit their sightings to the Audubon Society for compilation. These statistics have been collected during the holiday season for more than 100 years and are used to spot migrations and trends.

Ever wondered what that bug is? You can search for your bug or upload photos for identification.

Bumble Bee Watch
You and your Little might have heard a lot lately about the hard time bees are having all over the country. The data you collect is crucial to knowing how widespread the disappearance of bees has become.

Play a game to map the brain and forward the understanding of neuroscience at the same time!

Similar to the Bird Count, this website collects and tracks sightings of reptiles and amphibians.

Journey North
Journey North tracks the migrations of numerous animals, including robins, hummingbirds and Monarch butterflies. They also track whales, but you might not have any data on those to add.

Monarch Watch
Everything you need to know about Monarch butterfly migration and how to make your backyard a stop on their way south. Because milkweed was declared an invasive species in Nevada, our population of Monarchs was greatly reduced. But many people are doing what they can to bring the Monarchs back!

Nature's Calendar
Although this website is UK-based, it's a great activity idea for long-term Matches: Track when major seasonal changes – seeing the first robin, when the leaves turn colors, etc. – take place and see how the dates change from year to year.

And there are lots more. Find a project that fits the interests of you and your Little!

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