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Anthony wanted to be a Big Brother for a very specific reason: He wanted to be the person he needed when he was a kid.

At 16, Anthony dropped out of high school and had a brush with the juvenile justice system that motivated him to turn his life around. Anthony was looking for a way to help kids like him before they dropped out – and he found Big Brothers Big Sisters of Northern Nevada. At, he read about the incredible impact mentoring can have, and was excited to see how the community-based program fit with his desire to really help children in our community.

Jesus is the embodiment of those children we try to help: a bright, wonderful kid facing poverty, the incarceration of a parent and sibling, and the anger and low self esteem that accompany both issues. We strive to catch these children in a net of support before they drop out or become part of the juvenile justice system.

The BBBSNN Enrollment Team knew a really special volunteer would be needed to help Jesus gain confidence and really excel in school. 

Shortly after being enrolled in our program, the incredible difficulties Jesus faced in school became evident, and his mom struggled with language and other barriers trying to get him help. The first priority for BBBSNN was to make sure Jesus's mom had the support she needed to get him an Individualized Education Program (IEP) to deal with some health issues that were interfering with his ability to learn. With the IEP in place, Jesus could have some flexibility and breathing space while his doctor figured out the best way to help him.

That’s where Anthony stepped in like a superhero. In the only 18 months since they’ve been Matched, he not only introduced Jesus to team sports, but showed his dedication by volunteering to help coach Jesus’ football team. The effect of playing sports on Jesus was immediate and outstanding, burning off his excess energy and giving him an opportunity to succeed and shine.

With Anthony’s help and support, Jesus is doing better in school, his self-confidence has skyrocketed and he has much better relationships with his classmates. Anthony is truly changing the life of his Little for the better.

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