Virtual and Site-Based Bigs

Bigs-Only Events

Ongoing training for all of our Bigs is important! Besides our agency’s quarterly Round Tables, our National Office has an incredible array of online opportunities through The Learning Exchange (TLE). As our Program Team experiments with this platform, please don’t be surprised to see an email “assigning” you to these trainings. Please ask your Match Support Specialist if you have any questions about this.

Additional training added: Please look out for a 1-hour long Mentor Opioid Awareness Training, which will also be assigned to you.

Monthly Focus: Mental Health Awareness Month

Stress and anxiety have become commonplace in our busy society, and the isolation so many of us experienced during the last two years has only exacerbated them. Something you can do to help your Little and others in your life is to practice “Coping Skills.” We each need to discover what works for each of us, but here are some natural ways to help alleviate stress to try out with your Little: 

  1. Physical exercise: Incorporate small changes into your everyday activities, like taking the stairs instead of the elevator.  
  2. Sunlight: Get outdoors for Vitamin D! 
  3. Relaxation exercises: Practice a meditation technique that fits your lifestyle -- yoga, guided imagery, qigong. 
  4. Deep breathing: Push out your diaphragm while inhaling, pull in while exhaling.    
  5. Laughing: Even if forced, laughing can stimulate circulation and aid muscle relaxation. 
  6. Music therapy: Listen to a relaxing playlist as you go about your daily activities, especially during a stressful activity like driving in heavy traffic. 
  7. Mindfulness exercises: Take a few minutes to close your eyes and take note of what’s going on around you, using all of your senses.

Check out these websites for fun activities you can share with your Little online:

Virtual Meeting Ideas