Match Story: Little Sister Brendalynn and Big Sister Melina

Little Sister Brendalynn, 12, and Big Sister Melina were matched in March 2019. Their favorite activity is getting together to talk and simply enjoy one another’s company.

Melina says that growing up she had the mentorship of her parents, and that she was inspired to become a mentor herself because she heard about Big Brothers Big Sisters at school and wanted to branch out into the community.

Brendalynn says that being with her Big Sister is fun, and that she really appreciated having Melina’s support to get through her grandpa’s funeral.

As much as Melina teaches Brendalynn, she feels like she learns from her Little Sister as well. “Brendalynn teaches me about love, patience, and anime,” says Melina. Brendalynn also looks forward to teaching her Big Sister more about self-defense, and how to do a comedy roast.

These two are proud to be matched in our program, and understand the importance of mentorship. “Big Brothers Big Sisters is important so that [kids] won’t be alone, and we can be more social,” says Brendalynn. To someone who is considering becoming a Big, Melina would say “Do it! You will learn so much and grow as a person.”

The future is so full for Brendalynn and Melina, and they both have high hopes for what is to come. Melinda says, “I hope Brendalynn becomes the woman she’s always dreamt of, and I hope she never settles for anything less than she deserves.”

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