TMCC Welding Department Repairs BBBSNN Donation Bins

Thank you TMCC Welding Department!

A BIG THANK YOU to TMCC’s Welding Department for repairing our damaged donation bins! The Donation Center provides necessary funds for our mentoring programs and when bins are vandalized, our organization has to cover the cost of repairs. In addition to that cost, each week a bin is not at its designated donation site, $1,000 of revenue is lost.
TMCC’s Welding Department has done a wonderful job repairing our bins promptly and free of cost! Thank you instructor Trenton Schoppe and your TMCC welding students, we are so grateful for your support and because of you, we will be able to match more at-risk youth with caring adult mentors!
The TMCC Welding Technology Program prepares workers for a diversity of occupations from construction to manufacturing and offers a 1 year certificate or 2 year associate degree. Find out more at

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