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Monthly Focus: Preparing for Back to School

With Northern Nevada schools starting in just a couple of weeks, whether you meet with your Little virtually or if you’re getting ready to see them again at their school, it’s time to get prepared! Kids do better in school when parents are involved in their academic lives. Bigs can help too, by modeling, encouraging, and expressing the importance of education. Here are some ideas to help your Little get off on the right foot before school starts:        

  • Teach organizational skills – how to keep track of due dates with a calendar or planner 
  • Help children understand the importance of getting enough sleep and eating breakfast (at home or at school) so they are prepared to learn! 
  • Encourage regular attendance. If you’re not there, you can’t learn!

Photo Request

At your next meeting, take a picture of your Little holding a blank piece of paper. It's a simple task but you will be helping us spread the word about our program in a big way!

Your Little can be simply holding the blank paper, or can also be showing off the activity you are doing at the same time. See some samples from our staff below. You can even do this if you meet virtually by taking a screen shot!

Tip: If your smartphone has portrait mode, take one regular photo and one in portrait mode, then send us both!

Text your photos to 775.870.2798 or email them to [email protected]


Virtual Meeting Ideas