Assets 37-40: Eating well, staying active and having fun

“It is important for young people to be aware of what they eat, and to learn to enjoy eating well and keeping active. This knowledge will set the stage for a lifetime of good health as they grow into adulthood. Learning together with your mentee about what you are eating and drinking, and the healthy options that are available, is a great way for the two of you to bond. As a mentor, you are in a great position to provide guidance along this path. Always be on the lookout for natural opportunities that occur in your daily routine with your mentee to start a conversation about healthy eating.”

“The same is true for being physically active and starting a conversation about physical activity with your mentee. Simply put, being physically active makes you feel better and gives you more energy. Try to incorporate some type of physical activity into every visit. While being able to go outside might offer more options, be creative about what you can do even if limited to being indoors. No need to lecture—just do it! And don’t forget about walking. Just like basic water should be the beverage of choice, walking is a great activity that keeps the body moving and doesn’t cost a thing.”

Excerpted from Eat Well, Stay Active, Have Fun.  A Guide for Mentors

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