Match Story: Little Sister Yamama and Big Sister Miranda

Little Sister Yamama, 12, and Big Sister Miranda were matched in March 2018. Miranda was inspired to become a Big Sister after working at the Terry Lee Wells Discovery Museum in Reno. “The impactful, but brief relationships I made with kids visiting the museum inspired me,” said Miranda. She enjoyed working with children, but wanted to have a deeper impact as a mentor for a child seeking a role model and friend.

Miranda and Yamama ‘s friendship started to bloom as soon as they met through our site-based program at Yamama’s school. “I thought [Miranda] was very pretty and nice,” said Yamama. “She helped me get better at math because I had a [tough] time and always had a bad grade.”

When Yamama changed schools, the two wanted to keep their match going and switched to our community-based mentoring program. Now, they enjoy spending time together out in the community. Yamama loves when she gets to have lunch with Miranda, and when they go to Roller Kingdom to roller-skate. They also enjoy sharing stories, exploring videos on TikTok, and going on outdoor adventures. “My favorite thing about Miranda is how she tries new things and is never scared,” said Yamama.

Yamama is proud that her Big Sister has taught her about science, and how to be respectful. Miranda also learns from her Little Sister just as much as she teaches. “Yamama teaches me to keep a young and iterative perspective on the world,” said Miranda. “Her young ideas are enlightening and keep me from getting set in the ways of the adult world.”

Miranda and Yamama look forward to their friendship continuing to grow, and Miranda can’t wait to see what the future brings for her Little Sister. “I hope that we continue our friendship and that she finds a plethora of people, studies, and activities in life that keep her brilliant mind and spirit curious,” said Miranda. “The experience [of being a Big] is highly rewarding, you end up learning a lot more than you could have imagined. Building a relationship and trust with a child that does not rely on you for primary care is a brilliantly eye-opening journey.”

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