Initiate a Change Drive

Change Drives are a great way to get some friendly competition going between departments or store locations - especially if you have the opportunity to get customers involved! Here's how it works:

1) Decide with your supervisor what dates and locations would be best. Typically, 2-4 weeks is a good time period for a change drive, but do what makes sense for your company. Also decide on teams and strategy: Will you have locations competing against each other? HR vs. Accounting? A great tip is to allow for "sabotaging" (coin money counts toward your team's total, but paper money counts against it - that means you can take your rival team down a notch with a $10 bill!)

2) The success of your drive depends on how well you get the word out! Think company newsletter, email blasts, word of mouth, posters and announcements in staff meetings. Don't just announce the beginning of the drive - give your coworkers updates on your progress so you can keep it top of mind for them.

3) Find some jars, mugs or buckets to set out and decorate them however you see fit - but make sure you include the "What, When and Why" of your fundraiser. That means dates and the organization you're supporting - Big Brothers Big Sisters! 

4) Watch the donations come in - this part is easy. Don't forget to thank everyone and communicate a final total when it's finished! Consider giving a prize, such as donuts or a pizza party, to the winning team.

Don't hesitate to reach out to the BBBSNN office for assistance at [email protected] or 775-473-4600.